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software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib
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make-choice-list Abstraction random based object

make-ED-scale Abstraction list generator

make-ED-scale Abstraction list generator

make-scale Abstraction list generator

make-trans-scale Abstraction list generator

markov Abstraction probability based object

markov-harmony Abstraction pitch generator

markov-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

max-cursor Abstraction shows/hides the mouse cursor

max-menubar Abstraction 1 or 0 send to the inlet (or given as the argument) switches MAX's menubar on or off.

max-overdrive Abstraction 1 or 0 send to the inlet

max-quit Abstraction Quits MAX immediately - BEWARE!

member Abstraction list based object

metro-dev% Abstraction rythm generator

minus Abstraction Simply makes the negative of an int sent to the input.

ms2sec Abstraction Converts milliseconds into seconds.

MSP-iovs~ Abstraction select I/O vector size

MSP-sigvs~ Abstraction select signal vector size

MSP-sr~ Abstraction Sets the sampling rate of MSP.

MSP-takeover~ Abstraction MSP takeover

multiple Abstraction list based object

neutral-harmony Abstraction pitch generator

nname Abstraction turns an int in its inlet into a symbol representing the note name of the corresponding MIDI note.

normalize-row Abstraction Normalization of a twelve-tone row

note2cents Abstraction Shows how many cents a microtonal note is deviating from a tempered one.

page : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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