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PeRColate is an open-source distribution of a variety of synthesis and signal processing algorithms for Max, MSP, and Nato. It is centered around a (partial) port of the Synthesis Toolkit (STK) by Perry Cook (Princeton) and Gary Scavone (Stanford CCRMA). Like the STK, it provides a fairly easy to use library of synthesis and signal processing functions (in C) that can be wired together to create conventional and unusual instruments. Also like the STK, it includes a variety of precompiled synthesis objects, including physical modeling, modal, and PhISM class instruments; the code for these instruments can serve as foundations for creating new instruments (one example, the blotar, is included) and can be used to teach elementary and advanced synthesis techniques. Given it's STK heritage and educational function, PeRColate is largely un-optimized, though all the objects run on a 80MHz 7100, which is pretty good. PeRColate also includes a number of objects not from the STK; some are from RTcmix and others are our own evil creations, designed to crash your computer, but only after making some kind of interesting sound or image.
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chase~ External three-way signal comparator

clar~ External clarinet physical model, STK, synthesis toolkit

dcblock~ External removes dc signal offset

escal~ External signal rounder

flip~ External signal inverter

flute~ External flute physical model, STK, synthesis toolkit

ftom~ External signal rate frequency to midi conversion.

gen10 External computes a harmonic wavetable

gen17 External solves chebyshev polynomials, transfer function generator

gen20 External random function / table generator

gen24 External breakpoint function generator, b.p.f.

gen25 External hamming / hanning function / window generator

gen5 External exponential breakpoint function wavetable generator, b.p.f.

gen7 External linear breakpoint function wavetable generator, b.p.f.

gen9 External sinusoidal wavetable generator

gQ~ External stereo filter, dan's gQ equalizer

guiro~ External guiro PhISM model, STK, synthesis toolkit

jitter~ External signal randomizer

klutz~ External reverses order of samples in a signal vector

mandolin~ External mandolin physical model, STK, synthesis toolkit

marimba~ External marimba modal synthesis model, STK, synthesis toolkit

metashaker~ External perry cook's interface to the seven PhiSM percussion models, STK, synthesis toolkit

mtof~ External signal rate midi to frequency conversion

munger~ External stereo granulator, granular synthesis, transposition

pause~ External delay incomming sample a vector, protects against feedback loops

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