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softVNS 2 is a set of external objects for MAX/MSP that allows you to process video in real-time.
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v.edges External v.edges calculates the edges in the image.

v.exponential External v.exponential outputs a brightness

v.fields External v.fields takes one stream as input and outputs the even lines through outlet 1 and the odd lines through outlet 2.

v.fill External v.fill allows you to create an arbitrary stream with any content that you want.

v.flip External v.flip flips the image horizontally and/or vertically.

v.frame External v.frame passes one or more consecutive frames from a stream on command.

v.gate External v.gate is a softVNS 2 streams version of gate.

v.gradient External Output a stream with a grayscale gradient.

v.grays External v.grays converts the input stream to a grays stream.

v.heads External v.heads finds heads, and maintains head histories.

v.histogram External v.histogram calculates a brightness histogram and gives a sense of contrast and median brightness of the image.

v.hslhistogram External v.hslhistogram performs a 3 dimensional histogram according to hue, saturation and luminance.

v.idleblack External v.idleblack adds a single black frame to the end of a video stream.

v.info External v.info reports on various attributes of a stream.

v.int16 External v.int16 converts the input stream to a stream in the same format with int16 components.

v.int32 External v.int32 converts the input stream to a stream in the same format with int32 components.

v.int8 External v.int8 converts the input stream to a stream in the same format with int8 components

v.interlace External v.interlace takes two streams and inputs and interlaces their video lines.

v.invert External v.invert subtracts each pixel from a value.

v.jit External v.jit converts a softVNS 2 stream to jitter matrices.

v.lens External v.lens was designed to allow removal of lens distortion.

v.life External v.life is an expanded version of the game of life.

v.log2 External v.log2 outputs a brightness

v.longexposure External v.longexposure averages a number of input frames from the stream and outputs the result.

v.lookup External v.lookup allows you to apply an arbitrary transform to pixel values using a table object or a multi-slider.

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