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A collection of externals to display and load data, manage lists, symbols, audio and Mac GUI
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pathname External converts output of David Zicarelli's odoc object into a full pathname

psw.alert External displays a message

psw.compare External compares two symbols

psw.confirm External asks a question

psw.dsb~ External dsb~ shapes upper and lower sideband of a signal individually

psw.fft-band~ External To know which frequency-band a certain frequency belongs to, use the following formula: frequency * fft window size / sample rate

psw.fft-gen~ External a frequency domain generator

psw.fontnum External gives number of any installed font

psw.list External some usefull list functions

psw.log External Implements a direct-to-disk log-file

psw.menubar-append External Load menu from MENU resource

psw.menubar-translate External Translate File - Edit and Windows menus in custom menubars

psw.midifile-convert External Convert resolution of midifiles

psw.midifile-parser External enables you to use all information out of your midifiles, regardless of type

psw.phonedecoder~ External phone decoder

psw.pictfile-convert External Use Quicktime to convert picture files

psw.resfile External Manage resource files

psw.resmenu External psw.resmenu displays a menu of all available resources of a given type in all currently open files

psw.resource2data External copy any resource from a resourcefile into a temporary file

psw.slope~ External Applied to control signals, slope~ dampens quick changes. Applied to audio signals, slope~ creates third harmonic distortion.

psw.soundlevel External gets and sets the sytem soundlevel

psw.textdisplay External displays a text in a separate window

psw.u3d External A versatile 3d panel

psw.udraw External A drawing module

psw.upict External A simple pict-button

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