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This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.
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gem.rubber External

gem.scale External Scale a gem object

gem.scaleXYZ External Scale a gem object

gem.separator External Separates the effects of the rest of the chain from the what happens below the separator.

gem.shininess External Shininess a gem object

gem.slideSquares External

gem.specular External Specular a gem object

gem.specularRGB External Specular a gem object

gem.sphere External Creates a sphere

gem.spline_path External Spline path (currently not available)

gem.square External Creates a square

gem.teapot External Creates a teapot

gem.text2d External Creates a 2D string

gem.text3d External Creates a 3D string

gem.textextruded External Creates a extruded string

gem.textoutline External Creates a outline string

gem.translate External Translate a gem object

gem.translateXYZ External Translate a gem object

gem.triangle External Creates a triangle

gem.tube External Creates a tube

gem.world_light External Creates a world_light - position is at infinity (can be rotated)

hsv2rgb Change HSV to RGB External

invert External Invert 0 to 1 or 1 to 0

multiselect External Same as "select" object

oneshot External Output a number when bang is inputted

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