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This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.
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gem.gemtablet External Respond to tablet events (currently not available)

gem.gemwin External The window manager

gem.imageVert External Map an image to polygons

gem.light External Creates a light which can be positioned

gem.linear_path External Linear path (currently not available)

gem.model External Read in a model file (wavefront (.obj) file)

gem.multimodel External Load multiple models

gem.newWave External

gem.ortho External Use orthogonal viewing

gem.part_color External Set the color for a particle system

gem.part_damp External Apply damping to particles

gem.part_draw External Draw a particle group

gem.part_follow External Have the particles follow each other

gem.part_gravity External Apply gravity to particles

gem.part_head External Starting point for a particle system

gem.part_info External

gem.part_killold External Kill particles that are past a certain time

gem.part_killslow External Kill particles that are too slow

gem.part_orbitpoint External Orbit around a point

gem.part_render External

gem.part_size External Set the initial size

gem.part_source External Generate particles

gem.part_targetcolor External Set the target color for a particle system

gem.part_targetsize External Set the target size for a particle system

gem.part_velcone External Set the velocity domain (cone) for particles (will be obsolete)

page : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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