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The Jimmies is an historical collection of patches, abstractions and external objects developed for the MAX/FTS environment on the ISPW at the beginning of the 1990s, and assembled into a formal collection of tools by Zack Settel in 1993.

Zack Settel developped a new free version of the Jimmies called xjimmies : http://www.maxobjects.com/?v=libraries&id_library=100
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adc1~ Abstraction stereo analog-to-digital (ADC) converter

apass1~ Abstraction basic all-pass filter

apass2~ Abstraction all-pass filter

apass3~ External all-pass filter

bag~ Abstraction sample and write

bpass1~ Abstraction band-pass filter

bstop1~ Abstraction band-stop filter

coef_bpass3~ Abstraction bandboost or band-cut filter

coef_hlshelf2~ Abstraction double shelving boost /cut filter

comb1~ Abstraction comb filter

comb2~ Abstraction comb filter

complex-mod~ Abstraction complex-mod~ takes a (real, imaginary) signal pair and multiplies it (as a complex number) with a complex exponential.

db1 Abstraction converts an integer slider to a "handy decibel scale".

delay2~ Abstraction delay

envfol1~ Abstraction envelope follower

flange1~ Abstraction flanger

fshift1~ Abstraction frequency shifter

gain1~ Abstraction converts a linear slider into a logarithmic gain scale.

gain2~ Abstraction This is a version of gain1~ which accepts a decibel scale in its second inlet instead of linear slider values.

harmv2~ Abstraction harmonizer

hilbert~ Abstraction produces phase quadrature signals from an audio input.

hpass1~ Abstraction highpass filter

hpass2~ Abstraction highpass filter

hz->radians Abstraction hertz to radian converter

lpass1~ Abstraction lowpass filter

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