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The Jimmies is an historical collection of patches, abstractions and external objects developed for the MAX/FTS environment on the ISPW at the beginning of the 1990s, and assembled into a formal collection of tools by Zack Settel in 1993.

Zack Settel developped a new free version of the Jimmies called xjimmies : http://www.maxobjects.com/?v=libraries&id_library=100
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lpass2~ Abstraction lowpass filter

mute1~ Abstraction fade out

peak~ Abstraction peak meter

peq1~ Abstraction parametric EQ

peq2~ Abstraction parametric EQ

peqbank1~ Abstraction parametric EQ filter bank

phaseshift1~ Abstraction phase-shifter

probe1~ Abstraction signal probe

qgain1~ Abstraction quadraphonic gain module

qpan1~ Abstraction quadraphonic panning element

radians->hz Abstraction radians to hertz converter

rev1~ Abstraction reverb

rev4~ Abstraction cheap reverb

rmod1~ Abstraction ring modulator

rms1~ Abstraction measures the average amplitude of a signal

sampv1~ Abstraction simple sampler voice element

scale External maps input range of values to output range

stchorus1~ Abstraction choruser

stgain1~ Abstraction gain module

stharms1~ Abstraction This module is made up of a pair of harmonizers

stpan1~ Abstraction stereo panning element

tone1~ Abstraction low-budget tone control

vu1~ External vu meter display

zerocross~ External detects the amount of noise present in a signal

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