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high resolution msp objects which use two 32-bit audio signals to obtain near 64-bit floating point precision.
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hr.biquad~ External

hr.count~ External

hr.div~ External

hr.filtercoeff~ External hr.filtercoeff~ is an audio rate, double precision, biquad filter coefficient generator for several filter types.

hr.index~ External

hr.line~ External

hr.minus~ External

hr.phasor~ External

hr.play~ External

hr.plus~ External

hr.poke~ External

hr.pow~ External

hr.quantize~ External hr.quantize~ quantizes an incoming double precision signal(left inlets) to the nearest multiple of a double precision signal (right inlets).

hr.rampsmooth~ External hr.rampsmooth~ smooths an incoming double precision signal across n samples.

hr.sqrt~ External

hr.times~ External

hr.wave~ External

hr.wrap~ External hr.wrap~ is a floating point modulo arithmetic object.

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