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10 externals + help files: olivetti | tesselate | tintin | refrakt | wrap bounce | fling | xy.rand | xy.drunk | xy.tintin
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bounce External if input value goes outside range, excess bounces back from limit

fling External if input value goes beyond range, new random value (from inside limits) + proceedes in new random direction.

olivetti External Stores text -- outputs it word by word(s) or letter by letter(s)

refrakt External Generates fractal values

tessellate External tile mapping of coordinates

tintin External selects random values / stores them / outputs them randomly or algorithmically

wrap External if input value exceeds range, excess wraps around other side

xy.drunk External like drunk object, for coordinate values

xy.rand External like random object, for coordinate values

xy.tintin External like tintin object, for coordinate values

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