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This library provides a set of abstractions which allow a certain degree of compatibility between MSP and Miller Puckette's Max0.26/FTS for the ISPW/SIM (Ircam Signal Processing Workstation/Station d'Informatique Musicale). It contains abstractions for all of the ISPW (signal) objects whose name has changed in MSP, and some additional abstractions to replace objects found in the "lib" and "ISPW jimmies".
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2p2z~ External two-pole two-zero filter

2pole~ External two-pole filter

abs~ External Absolute value of a signal

boner~ External poke it in and peek it out

catch~ External catch~ outputs the sum of all inputs to throw~ objects that are being sent to it.

coef_bpass2~ External calculates coefficients for 2p2z for a bandpass boost/cut filter

coef_hlshelf1~ External calculates coefficients for 2p2z for a double shelving boost/cut filter

declare External change MAX's global settings when your patch is loaded

delread~ External delay line tap

delwrite~ External delay line

down~ External Down~ outputs a signal which has been downsampled to half the incoming signal's sampling rate.

explode External see detonate

fsplit Abstraction An abstraction to provide a floating-point version of split.

incr~ External ramp signal

osc1~ External

print~ External Print~ prints out vectors of samples of signal values in the Max startup window.

pt~ External pt~ is an experimental pitch tracker which can putput continuously or in "notes." Nobody knows how it works, not even me.

readsf~ External Readsf reads NeXT soundfiles in real time.

sampeek~ External table access

samphold~ External sample and hold object

samplerate~ External to see the sample rate and vector size of a signal.

sampread~ External sample player

sampwrite~ External write samples to a table~

switch~ External [switch is currently inoperative in MSP]

tab1~ External reads in a file from disk in the NeXT soundfile format

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