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A graphical programming environment for music and media development.
In this librairy are listed only the new objects since version 4.5.
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jstrigger External Sequential evaluation of Javascript expressions

jsui External A Javascript user interface and OpenGL graphics environment.

keep Javaclass (mxj) Store and keep anything: int, float, list, message with arguments...

linedrive External Scale numbers exponentially.

list.delta Javaclass (mxj) outputs a list of length N-1

list.Demultiplex Javaclass (mxj) Deswizzles, cut, split a list into separate lists

list.Ecils Javaclass (mxj) divides a list in two

list.Group Javaclass (mxj) groups the incoming elements into lists of a certain size

list.Intersection Javaclass (mxj) the intersection of multiple lists

list.Length Javaclass (mxj) reports the length of a list

list.Mth Javaclass (mxj) outputs the Mth element of a list, counting from zero

list.Multiplex Javaclass (mxj) interswizzles multiple lists

list.Nth Javaclass (mxj) outputs the Nth element of a list

list.Permutation Javaclass (mxj) returns the Nth permutation of a list

list.Position Javaclass (mxj) outputs the elements of the left list according to the indices in the right list

list.Queue Javaclass (mxj) List operator - maintains a queue of Atoms

list.RandomSample Javaclass (mxj) outputs a random sample selected from an incoming list

list.Reg Javaclass (mxj) store a list in the right inlet and bang it out later

list.Replace Javaclass (mxj) replace an element at a particular index

list.Replicate Javaclass (mxj) repeat a list N times (N can be negative)

list.Reverse Javaclass (mxj) reverses the elements of an incoming list

list.Rotate Javaclass (mxj) rotate a list by howMany places (howMany can be negative)

list.Shuffle Javaclass (mxj) outputs a shuffled version of the incoming list

list.Slice Javaclass (mxj) output first N out left outlet, rest out the right outlet. right outlet outputs first.

list.Sort Javaclass (mxj) sorts an incoming list

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