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A graphical programming environment for music and media development.
In this librairy are listed only the new objects since version 4.5.
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list.Sub Javaclass (mxj) output position for each occurrence of right list in left

list.sum Javaclass (mxj) sums the elements of a list

list.Union Javaclass (mxj) the union of any number of lists

list.Unique Javaclass (mxj) outputs the elements in the leftmost list that are not in any of the others

listfunnel External Index elements of a list and output them individually.

loadmess External Send a message when a patch is loaded.

maxversion Javaclass (mxj) reports the version of Max in use

MetroSeq Javaclass (mxj) allows you you to specify a time division per metro tick.

MorseGen Javaclass (mxj) generates a morse code stream from input.

mtof External Convert a MIDI note number to frequency.

mxj External Execute Java code in Max.

net.domain Javaclass (mxj) given an IP address as a symbol or a list, returns a domain name

net.ip Javaclass (mxj) given a domain name, returns its IP address

net.local Javaclass (mxj) reports network interface information and IP address for this computer

net.mail.recv Javaclass (mxj) reading messages from an email server

net.mail.send Javaclass (mxj) Sending messages to an email server

net.maxhole Javaclass (mxj) basic network communication

net.multi.recv Javaclass (mxj) network communication receiving from a multicast group

net.multi.send Javaclass (mxj) network communication sending to a multicast group

net.tcp.recv Javaclass (mxj) network communication receives TCP packets

net.tcp.send Javaclass (mxj) network communication sends TCP packets

net.udp.recv Javaclass (mxj) network communication receive datagram packets - UDP

net.udp.send Javaclass (mxj) network communication sends datagram packets - UDP

now Javaclass (mxj) Reports some information about now time date

nslider External Note Slider - a notation-based integer value slider

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