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A graphical programming environment for music and media development.
In this librairy are listed only the new objects since version 4.5.
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pak External Output a combined list when any element changes.

patcherargs External Get parent patcher arguments.

pattr External Patcher-specific, named data wrapper.

pattrforward External send any message to a named object anywhere in the patcher hierarchy

pattrhub External Access all of the pattr objects in a patcher.

pattrstorage External Save and recall presets of pattr data.

plinko Javaclass (mxj) plinko takes a bang, int, float, list, or any other type of message and sends it out a random outlet.

qlim External Queue-based message passing control.

qlist External A collection of messages to send remotely.

qlist External outputs and executes sequences of events found in its queue

qmetro External A queue-based metronome.

Quickie Javaclass (mxj) MXJ editor - relatively simple font end for doing mxj development from entirely within max.

quickthresh External Fast chord detection.

regexp External Use PERL-style regular expressions to process input.

router External A matrixctrl-compatible Max message router.

sbuf Javaclass (mxj) string manipulation

SpeakTest Javaclass (mxj) The SpeakTest class "reads" the text provided by the setText message.

StockWatch Javaclass (mxj) looks up stock quotes at finance.yahoo.com.

suckah External Get pixel color at a display coordinate.

ubumenu External A non-interrupting pop-up menu.

udpreceive External Send max messages over the network using UDP.

WhichThread Javaclass (mxj) creates a new thread in Java and calls the bang() method from there.

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