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Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use worldwide for over fifteen years by performers, composers, artists, teachers, and students, Max/MSP is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.
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plugphasor~ External Output 0-1 ramp beat-synchronized with host

plugreceive~ External Receive a signal from another plug-in

plugsend~ External Send a signal from one plug-in to another

plugsync~ External Report information about time in a plug-in host

plus~(+~) External Signal addition operator

poke~ External Write into a buffer~ using a signal sample index

poltocar~ External Polar to cartesian coordinate conversion.

poly~ External Polyphony and DSP manager for patchers

pong~ External for performing modulo arithmetic, as well as foldover or wraparound distortion.

pow~ External Take base to the exponent power using signals

rampsmooth~ External rampsmooth~ smooths an incoming signal across n samples.

rand~ External Generate a band-limited random signal.

rate~ External Time-scale a phasor~

rdiv~ (!/~) External output the quotient between the right and the left signal inputs

receive~ External Receive a signal from one or more send~ objects

record~ External Copy a signal into a buffer~

reson~ External Bandpass filter controllable by center frequency and Q

rewire~ External Control devices using Propellerhead Software's ReWire 2 specification. MSP acts as a ReWire mixer. rewire~ requires ReWire version 2.0.

rminus~ (!-~) External output the difference between the right and the left signal inputs

round~ External round~ rounds its left signal input to the nearest integer multiple of its right signal input.

sah~ External Sample-and-hold

scope~ External Graphical signal display

selector~ External Switch output among several input signals

send~ External Send a signal without a patch cord

seq~ External Signal input event sequencer

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