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Audio objects for Max. (only new objects of Max/MSP version 4.5)
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adsr~ External enveloppe

atodb~ External Linear amplitude to dB conversion at signal rate.

cascade~ External A cascaded series of biquad filters, useful in conjunction with the filtergraph~ implementation.

dbtoa~ External dB to amplitude conversion at signal rate.

fbinshift~ External A frequency domain bin shiter for use with pfft~.

filtercoeff~ External Converts filter frequency, amplitude and resonance to biquad coefficients at signal rate.

freqshift~ External A time-domain frequency shifter.

ftom~ External Converts frequency to MIDI note numbers at signal rate.

gbsplayer~ External A Game Boy Sound format (GBS) file player.

gizmo~ External A frequency domain frequency shifter for use with pfft~

hilbert~ External A Hilbert transform for signals.

hostcontrol~ External ReWire host control formatting and transmission.

hostphasor~ External Retrieve a synchronization signal from a ReWire host.

hostsync~ External Retrieve transport control information from a ReWire host.

levelmeter~ External A VU-style meter with ballistics and range control.

mtof~ External Convert MIDI note numbers to frequency at signal rate.

nsfplayer~ External A Nintendo Sound Format (NSF) file player.

omx.4band~ External A 4-band multiband compressor/limiter.

omx.5band~ External A 5-band multiband compressor/limiter.

omx.comp~ External A compressor/limiter with a dual-band option.

omx.peaklim~ External An audio peak limiter.

rect~ External A pulse oscillator with anti-aliasing.

saw~ External A sawtooth oscillator with anti-aliasing.

spectroscope~ External User-interface display of spectrogram or sonogram information.

sync~ External Synchronization from tap tempo, MIDI beat clock or audio click tracks.

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