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In this librairy are listed only the new objects since version 1.5. For all others Jitter objects, please go to "Jitter" library.
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jit.argb2ayuv External color conversion

jit.argb2grgb External color conversion

jit.argb2uyvy External color conversion

jit.ayuv2argb External color conversion

jit.ayuv2luma External color conversion

jit.ayuv2uyvy External color conversion

jit.bfg External basis function generator for procedural texturing / geometry

jit.broadcast External use LiveMedia to broadcast rtsp streams

jit.buffer~ External access contents of a buffer as a matrix

jit.catch~ External convert audio signals to matrix frames

jit.dx.grab External Direct X parallel to jit.qt.grab (windows only)

jit.dx.videoout External Direct X parallel to jit.qt.grab (windows only)

jit.expr External evaluate expressions of matrix operators, functors, and other jitter objects

jit.freeframe External host freeframe plugins

jit.gencoord External fill matrix cells with uniform cartesian coordinates

jit.gl.graph External render matrix data as bargraph in open gl

jit.gl.isosurf External 3d isosurface extraction for volumetric data

jit.gl.mesh External Convert matrix data into a geometric mesh for OpenGL

jit.gl.shader External Load and apply an Open GL shader program

jit.gl.slab External Creates a 2d slab for use in OpenGL stream computations.

jit.gl.texture External Create an OpenGL texture from a matrix or a file.

jit.gl.volume External 3d texture volume visualization

jit.graph External render matrix data as bargraph

jit.grgb2argb External color conversion

jit.luma2ayuv External color conversion

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