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These new objects assume that you have downloaded and installed one of the the externals from the Random Objects library. There are OS9, OSX and PC versions. (Thanks again to Jeremy Bernstein.) I have not tested these new abstractions in OS 9 or Windows and would appreciate hearing from anyone you can verify that they work.
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vDeal Abstraction eturns random integers within a specified range

Vdronk Abstraction Vdronk is my implementation of the Max drunk object.

vRanAB Abstraction returns floats between the lower and upper limits. The upper limit will never be returne

Vrand Abstraction gives random integers between 0 and 32767

vRand32 Abstraction returns 32-bit signed random integers

vRandum Abstraction behaves like MAX's random object except that it shares a global seed with other random objects in my package

vRanf Abstraction returns floating point numbers between zero and one

vRanIJ Abstraction returns integers between the lower and upper limits inclusive

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