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Jamoma provides a clear structure and common features for building max patches. reducing the amount of time needed to create new performance systems, and enhancing the interchange of patches amongst max users.
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jcom.change External Filter repetitions

jcom.gain~ External Control level as well as dry/wet mix

jcom.gui Abstraction user interface component

jcom.hub External the central nervous system of a jamoma module

jcom.jsui_sr.js Javascript (js) Sampling rate thingy!

jcom.jsui_texttoggle.js Javascript (js) text toggle

jcom.js_link Javascript (js) link or unlink gain faders

jcom.js_systeminfo.js Javascript (js) Javascript providing some info on the system

jcom.limiter~ External Look-ahead limiter with built-in DC blocking and Overdrive

jcom.line Abstraction generate ramping functions

jcom.message External Handling messages in the modules

jcom.meter~ External logarithmic level meter

jcom.parameter External Handling parameters in the modules

jcom.parameter.gain Abstraction Handling audio gain levels

jcom.pass External direct messages and numbers to different outlets

jcom.post Abstraction post messages to the max/status window

jcom.pp Abstraction utility for interfacing jamoma with pluggo

jcom.round External Round-off to int value. Work with positive and negative numbers.

jcom.route External A routing object with advanced features

jcom.saturation~ External saturation

jcom.thru~ Abstraction a simple utilty for breaking feedback loops

jcom.xfade~ External crossfade object for n channels

jmod.bridge External Bridge for remote communication between module and external control unit.

jmod.control Jamoma Module a control module for handling various global tasks

jmod.crossfade~ Jamoma Module Module for crossfading between two sound sources

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