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Useful abstractions.
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St. Abstraction A wrapper for multiple operators.

St.-# Abstraction To prevent error when loading patches with # arguments

St.-dbl Abstraction filter duplicates but after a set time

St.== Abstraction Comparison for any message type lists, symbols, numbers etc.

St.amplePlay~ Abstraction Simplifies the creation of sample players.

St.ampler~ Abstraction Loads samples from the specified folder and spreads them automatically according to their defined base key over the keyboard. It can have up to 6 parameters.

St.ARec Abstraction a recording object which will automatically open a soundfile and give it a name according to the date and time.

St.AutoScale Abstraction An adaptive scale object

St.Average Abstraction Each input will cause an output which is the average of the last n input values.

St.BangCount Abstraction Counts bangs within a set of time

St.bankout Abstraction Turn sprogram numbers higher than 127 into the required combination of bank change and program change midi events.

St.BPM2ms Abstraction Beat per minutes to millisecond translator.

St.Buffers~ Abstraction Creates and loads a number of buffers~ for my St.ampler according to the content of soundfiles in a specified folder.

St.Change Abstraction Change object for more than just integers.

St.ChangeShift Abstraction Like St.Change it is a Change object for more than just integers. But it will output same occurances out the middle outputs in a shifting manner.

St.Code Abstraction St.Code codes binary to numbers with up to 32 inputs

St.Copyright Abstraction St.Copyright will print a copyright message into the Max window.

St.CosFade Abstraction St.CosFade will fade in and out with a cosine function. It creates an ASR envelope.

St.CosFade~ Abstraction St.CosFade will fade in and out with a cosine function. It creates an ASR envelope.

St.DblCtlin Abstraction Receive Double Precision Midi controllers

St.DblRoute Abstraction route anything to the middle outlet when it receives in a certain time (default 300 ms) otherwise it will send it to the left outlet.

St.Decode Abstraction binary decoding...

St.DefLS Abstraction a helper abstraction to send loudspeaker configurations to Ville Pullkis vbap.

St.Delay Abstraction Like delay, but it delays in MSP-time and accepts any input.

St.Delay~ Abstraction delay line

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