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Useful abstractions.
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St.Unique Abstraction St.Unique will create unique symbols based on the symbols which have been feed to the left inlet.

St.unpack Abstraction Like unpack, but it will slice to any type.

St.Unselct Abstraction Helps to get around the annoying problem of a focus on an object stealing keypresses an alike.

St.vbap~ Abstraction a wrapper for Ville Pullkis vbap

St.Voice~ Abstraction Used for St.ools sampler abstractions.

St.Vols~ Abstraction a stereo version of St.Vol~

St.Vol~ Abstraction Translates Midivolume to control an [*~]

St.wap Abstraction Like swap but for any type of input.

St.Wild Abstraction replace a wildcard as first or last part of a symbol by the left input

St.WindowMover Abstraction Moves the patcherwindow into the middle of your screen if it is offscreen.

St.ypeWord Abstraction To type words for example as commands without the need to terminate with 'enter', 'space' or something like that.

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