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A collection of abstractions for Max/MSP specifically for real-time control of sound.
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tm.amp2db Abstraction Converts from amplitude to dB.

tm.autofollow Abstraction Used to create autofollow cues.

tm.bankinfo Abstraction Used to get timing and cue info from a playbank once it binds to a cue.

tm.biquad Abstraction Sets up filters using biquad~.

tm.clocker Abstraction Modified clocker that allows a pause/resume.

tm.cuelist Abstraction Handy little abstraction that shows how to use and modify our version of the cue list.

tm.cuelistmanager Abstraction Set properties and appearance of cue list.

tm.cueprops Abstraction The main cue properties patch. Use this to start building your cues.

tm.dB2amp Abstraction Converts from dB to amplitude.

tm.delay Abstraction Modified delay that delays messages and stops the delay when it receives and allstop bang.

tm.event Abstraction Used to trigger events based on cue number.

tm.license Abstraction The license for use of these abstractions.

tm.makepanningmessages Abstraction Used by tm.uberpanner.

tm.playbank Abstraction The abstraction responsible for making sound.

tm.playstatus Abstraction Used to get info back from playbank once it has been bound, such as volume, position in sound file, etc.

tm.propgate Abstraction Used as a bpatcher in tm.cueprops to allow properties to pass through to the playbank.

tm.releasewithvol Abstraction Handy little abstraction that sends out a band once a threshold volume has been reached. Used to unbind a playbank from a cue.

tm.thru Abstraction Simply passes input to output.

tm.uberpanner Abstraction Determines where to place the sound.

tm.usedcue Abstraction Used to change the color of a cue # to brown after it has been triggered.

tm.voice Abstraction Used to trigger voices based on cue number.

tm.vstgoodies Abstraction Controls VST plugins and presets.

tm.vsti-init Abstraction A simple VST plugin that passes audio thru, however is required to initialize all vst~ objects if you wish to use them at some point as VST instruments.

tm.wait Abstraction Adds a pause before executing a cue after it has received the right cue number.

tm.where2pan Abstraction Used by tm.uberpanner.

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