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This set of objects is capable of generating an infinite amount of attractors by automatically constructing nonlinear equations. These formulas are of the type quadratic and cubic, so their highest term is to the power of two (quadratic) or three (cubic). The quadratic equations go up to four dimensions, the cubic up to three. Example patches are included.
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Cubic External implements 2D cubic equations

Cubic3D External implements 3D cubic equations

Cubic3Dsearch External finds nonlinear 3D cubic equations

Cubicsearch External finds nonlinear 2D cubic equations

Cubicsearch External finds nonlinear 2D cubic equations

Quadratic External implements 2D quadratic equations

Quadratic3D External implements 3D quadratic equations

Quadratic3Dsearch External finds nonlinear 3D quadratic equations

Quadratic4D External implements 4D quadratic equations

Quadratic4Dsearch External finds nonlinear 4D quadratic equations

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