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v.zoom is a clean digital zoom.

v.zoom is a clean digital zoom. Zoomed pixels are interpolated to remove jaggies and aliasing. The zoom and pan can be almost infinitely gradual. You can set v.zoom to do a “framed” zoom from full frame to any part of the image (in this case the horizontal and vertical center have no effect when zoom level = 1.0, and are fully in effect when zoom level is equal to the target scale. You can also automate zooms to advance towards a zoom level by a fraction every video frame. You can also define a zoom by defining a source rectangle. In addition, the size of the output stream can be different than the size of the input stream. v.zoom does not zoom out nicely beyond a scale of 2.0. If you need to zoom farther out than this, you need to use the more powerful but less efficient v.rotat
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Format : External
Environment : jitter / max
Max 4.x


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