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Parametric linear congruence "noise"

"White" noise using the Linear Congruence algorithm, while allowing you to specify values for the LC parameters. See lp.lili for more information on parametric linear congruence. The lp.lll~ object works very much like lp.lili, except that the integral values produced are scaled to the range -1 < x. < 1 for signals. Note that the scaling factor is calculated relative to the mod parameter, so the maximum power range is always produced (except for LC cycles that get stuck at a constant… this can happen!). For many parameter combinations, this cycle of numbers generated may be very short. In other words, the result may be much closer to pitch than noise. There are many intermediate signals.
from the library :
Litter Power Pro Package
Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


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