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Exponential ramp generator

curve~ is similar to line~. It produces a signal that goes from an initial to target value over a specified number of milliseconds. However, it produces non-linear ramps using a piecewise approximation of an exponential function. You specify the parameter to this exponential function in the curve~ object's right inlet. Values from 0 to 1 produce an "exponential" curve when increasing in value and values from -1 to 0 produce a "logarithmic" curve. The closer to 0 the curve parameter is, the closer the curve is to a straight line, and the farther away the parameter is from 0, the steeper the curve. curve~ can also accept a list of up two or three arguments (the previous curve parameter is used if there are two arguments), or a list with two or more value, time, parameter triples. curve~ is limited to 42 such triples in a single list. The object's approximation of the exponential becomes better when the vector size is smaller, but the object also becomes more computationally expensive.
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Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 4.x


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