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Object for multi-channel, multi-voice, multi-transposition granular synthesis with live-input and many features.

This object performs time granulation of sampled sound in real-time.

Input in the form of a fixed, pre-recorded sample buffer or an incoming signal of user-specified length is used to randomly select segments of sound (grains) whose durations (grain length) may be modified on-the-fly. These grains are (amplitude-) enveloped and reconfigured each time one comes to an end.

The granulation is performed in a user-specified number of streams (also known as (aka) voices or layers): the more streams, the denser and thicker but also the smoother the effect. An increase in streams also implies an increase in processing time and is the main factor affecting real-time performance.

The streams may be subject to transposition whereby a list of semitone values sent to the object forms the set from which a randomly-chosen value is selected for each grain of sound output by the object.

Finally, each grain is routed to a randomly-chosen outlet (the number of which is also user specified) allowing mapping onto an arbitrary number of output channels.

Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 4.5


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