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a framework to control patches from a meta-parameter-level

COOPER is a flexible environment which allows to control patches from a meta-parameter-level.
all the audio-processing is split into modules (generators and modulators),
which are connected to each other through a matrix.
every input you give to a module (with input devices like midi controlers, the computerkeyboard etc)
can be recorded into a figure-file.
recording and playing figures allows the user to produce complex musical structures
without the need to control every single parameter by hand.
there can be any number of meta-levels:
a figure can itsself contain commands to play figures (which themselfs can play figures etc).
figures can be local or global, containing commands for only one particular module or
for all modules touched within the time recorded.
and you can of course write figures by hand or with other programs.
it's easy to integrate custum patches as modules into the environment.

Format : Patch
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.5


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