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real-time object system for Max/MSP

FTM is a shared library for Max/MSP providing a small and simple real-time object system and optimized services to be used within Max/MSP externals.
FTM = data structures
+ visualization/editors
+ file import/export (SDIF, MIDI, ...)
+ operators (expressions and externals)

The basic idea of FTM is to extend the data types exchanged between the objects in a Max/MSP patch by complex data structures such as sequences, matrices, dictionaries, break point functions, tuples and whatever might seem helpful for the processing of music, sound and motion capture data.

FTM is the basis of various specific libraries, such as the suivi score-following objects and the object sets Gabor and MnM.
from the library :
Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.5


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