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A workaround for a bug in preset.

When you have saved presets already and add for example new numberboxes everything works as expected as long you do not reload the patch. When saving the patch and reloading it, there is a good chance, that your presets are lost or scrambled. The workaround is after you added new objects which could also be saved in the preset, you have to recall every preset and save it again. St.PresetRestore is just doing that it will recall every preset and save it again. You can specify a speed parameter in milliseconds to determine how long it should wait until calling the next preset. Default is 100 ms. St.PresetRestore will go through all 256 preset places no matter how many places are shown.
from the library :
Format : Abstraction
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.5 / 4.x


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