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Soundfile playback

Soundfile playback. sfplay~ plays AIFF, SD II, NeXT/SUN(.au), WAVE, and Raw Data files of 1-8 tracks from disk. To play a file, you send sfplay~ the open message, then send it a 1 to start and a 0 to stop. open takes an argument to specify a filename in the search path. You can also create additional cues with the preload message. These can reference other files, all of which are simultaneously accessible. The open message sets the "current" file: the one that plays back from the beginning when 1 is sent and is used as the default for the preload message. sfplay~ can also connect to the cues defined in an sflist~ object. Since multiple sfplay~ objects can reference the same sflist~, this allows you to store a global list of cues. See the sflist~ help file for more details. (be sure to open the "new features" sub patch to find out about variable speed playback, looping, triggering cues with audio signals, and more)
from the library :
Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 4.x


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