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[chuck~] encapsulates the ChucK music programming language in max/msp

Version 1.6 (Max5) of the [chuck~] Max/MSP object
is available for free download:


for Macintosh OS X (10.5/6).

The new [chuck~] object is up-to-date with the latest (v
release of the ChucK language, including the LiSa live-sampling
unit generators and the unit-analysis generators in the package.

[chuck~] imbeds the ChucK music-programming language in Max/MSP,
bringing a sophisticated set of synthesis and signal-processing tools
into the Max/MSP environment. [chuck~] also features an advanced
timing and scheduling system in addition to a functional-style
programming interface for algorithmic operations. Full source for
the object and the language are also on-line.

No Windows version is available at present -- sorry!

This is a fun object -- enjoy it! For more information about ChucK,
visit the ChucK web page:


Brad Garton, Director
Columbia University Computer Music Center

Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 5.x / 4.x


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