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Buffer record/play/overdub

Fripp~ is a buffered record object designed with looping in mind. Features:
* Buffers are circular.
* Variable speed playback and recording.
* Overdubbing into an existing buffer.
* Sample-accurate synchronizing multiple fripp~ objects together * Built-in loop quantization when working with multiple fripp~ objects of varying loop lengths

Inspired by devices like Gibson's Echoplex Pro, Line6's DL4, and Lexicon's JamMan.

Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.x


Comments :
ninh [ 2006-11-10 15:08:34 ]
It seems that, besides the Windows version, it only works for MacOS 9. Is there a MacOS X version somewhere else ?
f.e [ 2006-11-10 18:20:54 ]
Hello Ninh. Sorry i wasn't sure about the os9/X compatibility for i've no mac with max at home. I'll correct it. Or maybe someone could do a quick port for X meanwhile ? Cheers
log!c [ 2007-03-08 00:40:19 ]
Francois? You there? ;)

Noticed that the fripp~ external for Win32 has a little bug. E.g. the buffer sometimes show no data and infinite sample index numbers and crashes Max after showing this 'contents'. (Probably a small bug when it has to resize the buffer; when I exaggerate the initial buffer size like 50000 it seems to run stable)

Also noticed that you mentioned a fe.tapedeck~ external on your website, love to try it! Let me know when it is online to give it a good bashing. :)

Btw, love your work!

f.e [ 2007-03-12 16:39:33 ]
Hello log!c,

Thanks for your report. I'll check this at soon as i can.

About my fe.tapedeck~, it's near the beta phase. It's already perfectly working for what i do with (i even use it on stage), but i still want to add a few things. I'll send you a mail to announce the release.

Thanks about my work too :-)

best wishes


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