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Modal ShiftList

The Modal_Shiftlist object is like the Modal_Shift object, but stores all related modes into a selectable menu

created by V.J. Manzo

The modal shiftlist object receives a tonic and mode name in its inlets and populates a list of all related modes sharing 6 of 7 notes. It takes the pitches of the scale and moves each scale degree up or down one at a time to see if a new diatonic mode can be formed. This process will list 42 related modes for any of the major scale modes, 28 related modes for any of the melodic minor scale modes, 21 related modes for any of the harmonic minor scale modes, and 21 related modes for any of the harmonic major scale modes.
When one of these related modes is selected from the list, the object automatically repopulates the list with modes related to the new key.

created by V.J. Manzo
www.vjmanzo.com | www.vincemanzo.com
from the library :
Modal Object Library
Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.5


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