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Lua~ is a Max/MSP external embedding an extension to the Lua programming language for computer music composition (the Vessel library), supporting sample accurate interleaving of synthesis and functional control.

Lua~ is a Max/MSP external embedding the Vessel library for Lua, supporting dynamic yet deterministic interleaving of both signal processing and structural control with up to sample accuracy. For representation, it comprises an interpreted music programming language (a variation to the Lua programming language with extensions for event, control and synthesis articulation), while for rendering, it comprises a deterministic, dynamic, lazy scheduling algorithm for both concurrent control logic and signal processing graphs.

A lua~ object embedded in a Max patch can load and interpret Lua scripts that make use of these extended capabilities in order to receive, transform and produce MSP signals and Max messages accordingly. Lua~ is particularly well suited to granular synthesis, algorithmic microsound and accurate timing needs, helpfully circumventing some of the limitations of the Max/MSP environment for such work by supporting highly dynamic signal processing graphs in parallel processes according to timing specifications below block rate. Using an interpreted scripting language within a graphical programming environment such as Max offers advantages of control flow, generality of data and structure, high precision and control, complexity of data and functional interdependency and variable scoping.

Format : External
Environment : max / msp
Max 4.6


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