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works in Max 4.6 and above (including Max 5 & 6)

The MySQLJDBC MXJ object provides max with a simple interface to the MySQL Connector/J native Java driver that converts JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) calls into

- If you haven't done so, Install MySQL and make sure it is running
(covering installing, using, and running MySQL is beyond the scope of this doc. Try a Google search or similar for more details on this. Some references are provided below)

- Download the MySQL Java Connector class from here:

For developers details on this jar and its use can be found here (also see the resources below):

- place the mysql-connector-java-X.X.X-bin.jar file in your /Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/Cycling '74/java/lib/ folder (or whatever folder you may have defined as a classpath in your max.java.config.txt file found under /Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/Cycling '74/java/)

NOTE: do not place it in a subfolder or else it will not work. In otherwords don't copy the entire distribution to the classpath, just the jar file.

- place the MySQLJDBC.class file in your /Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/Cycling '74/java/classes/ folder

- Start max.

In the max window you should see something very similar to:
/Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/Cycling '74/java/lib/mysql-connector-java.jar

The included help file provides some simple examples.

NOTE: The help file assumes you have already created a database called "maxmsp", with a user name "maxmspuser", and password "mathews".


..:For Everyone:..
MySQL Docs

phpMyAdmin (for administration)

..:For MXJ Developers:..
Using MySQL With Java:

java.sql API

JDBC Basics

jGuru: JDBC 2.0 Fundamentals

Format : Javaclass (mxj)
Environment : max / msp
Max 5.x / 4.x / 6.x


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