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The modal_fuzzharm object outputs a fuzzy logic chord harmonization based on incoming pitch classes. a.k.a. an auto-chord harmonizer.

created by V.J. Manzo

The modal_fuzzharm object outputs a fuzzy logic chord harmonization based on incoming pitch classes. The object integrates with several objects in the modal_object library including the modal_pc_match object to determine if the incoming note played is diatonic or chromatic and that notes relationship in the context of the specified tonic and mode. For example, is the incoming note scale degree 1? Is it chromatic scale degree #4? If so, how do we want to harmonize that note when we receive it?
Double clicking the modal_fuzzharm object allows a user to see a table of chord symbols that the modal_triad object can interpret. The user can increase the probability weight to the table by clicking on one of the cells in the column for the desired chord/function listed in the top row. By default, all probabilities are set to zero. For example, if the incoming note matches scale degree one, you’d probably want to harmonize that note with the I chord, the IV chord and the vi chord since that scale degree one is present in all of these chords. Other chords may be used to harmonize that note as well, but you’d probably want the object to choose some chords more frequently than others, so we give them a higher table weight by clicking further down on the cells.
A bang sent to the modal_fuzzharm object will choose one of the chords to harmonize that note with based on the weightings you’ve specified. The table can be opened and presets can be saved. In the help file for this object, the seven diatonic scale degrees all have modal_fuzzharm objects connected so that when one of these scale degrees is played, the note will be harmonized in any way the user specifies. A specified table file has been loaded for each modal_fuzzharm object when the help opens which illustrates some default probability settings that harmonize these notes with diatonic chord functions.

created by V.J. Manzo

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from the library :
Modal Object Library
Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.x / 5.x


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