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Calculate optical flow using a variety of techniques.

Optical flow is a measure of the velocity of each pixel between two consecutive frames. In other words, displacing the pixels in the first image by the optical flow should produce the second image.

Optical flow can unfortunately only be estimated, not precisely calculated. For this reason, there are several optical flow estimation algorithms. cv.jit.lkflow and cv.jit.hsflow implement two of the most famous approaches, but because the output format and its meaning are the same, cv.jit.opticalflow encapsulates several algorithms, allowing you to easily switch between them to find the one that best suits your needs.

Appart from the Lucas-Kanade and Horn-Schunk techniques, cv.jit.opticalflow currently implements the "block matching" algorithm and an algorithm by Gunnar Farnebäck.
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Format : External
Environment : jitter
Max 5.x


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