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A chaotic oscillator based on Chirikov's Standard Map.

sadam.standardMap~ will generate a signal based on the Standard Map, a one-parameter chaotic model widely used in condensed matter physics. As input it takes one parameter, the so-called 'kicking strength' (K). The initial phase (X0) and moment (P0) of the oscillator can be set manually or randomly. The object outputs the current phase (X) and moment (P) of the oscillator (the phase is scaled to fit in the [-1;1] region). The third outlet gives the current velocity of the phase point representing the current state of the oscillator. For further info about the Standard Map see http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Chirikov_standard_map.
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The sadam Library
Format : External
Environment : max / Max Runtime / msp
Max 5.x / 6.x


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