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with the rise of granular synthesis becoming more and more popular, either being with synthesizers or sample manglers. the one thing i have not seen of it, is step sequencers, none at all.
this is where operand comes in.

drag and drop sample folders [aiff/wav/mp3].
effects [stereo filters, multitap stereo delay, stereo reverb and stereo stutter. [updated]
stereo audio/effect matrix. [new]
colour coded filter, stutter, delay and reverb step effect grids. [new]
store/recall setting for pitch, duration and panning. [new]
key controls [sample channel hits with keyboard, tap tempo].
random pitch/pan/duration.
global and dedicated step/clock controls. [updated]
external audio recording.
plus much more.

Format : Standalone Application
Environment : max / msp
Max 5.x


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