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encapsulates/links to the SuperCollider 3 music programming language

I am releasing v 0.996 (Max5, OSX 10.5/6) of my [sc3~] object for
Max/MSP. This object acts as a bridge between Max/MSP and the
SuperCollider 3 language. The free download and information is
available here:


[sc3~] allows data and audio to be sent to/from the sclang and
scsynth processes, making it easy to integrate the SuperCollider 3
language into Max/MSP work. Multiple instantiations of the object
can exist in a single patcher, and SC3 scripts can be constructed
within Max/MSP or stored in the object's buffers for convenient
recall with a patch. Full source for the object and the modified
SuperCollider files are also available at the site. This syncs
the object with the latest stable release (SC3 v 3.4) of
SuperCollider 3.

I hope people find this useful -- Good luck, enjoy it! For more
information about SuperCollider 3, visit:


Brad Garton, Director
Columbia University Computer Music Center

Format : External
Environment : msp
Max 4.6 / 5.x


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