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A Simple API for XML (SAX) interface for Max.

sadam.sax will parse XML documents using SAX. The output will be sent out for each Element as a sequence (from right to left) consisting of the Element Index (the number of the Element in the XML), the Tree Depth of the Element (the Document Element is at level 0, its children are at level 1 etc.), the Element's Tag Name, the Attributes, and finally the Text Content (which is a concatenation of all Text and CDATA nodes). The leftmost outlet serves as an error outlet: if any error happens during parsing, it returns -1, otherwise it returns 0 after finishing the parsing process.

sadam.dom and sadam.sax are both W3C compliant XML parsers, however, this means some overhead in terms of resources. If you need a lightweight, fast XML parser and you can live with some limitations regarding W3C compliance, consider using sadam.rapidXML.
from the library :
The sadam Library
Format : Javaclass (mxj)
Environment : max / Max Runtime / msp
Max 5.x / 6.x


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