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Mutual exclusion (semaphore) object.

sadam.mutex will help you managing the access of shared resources in your patch using semaphores. A semaphore can be locked and released, and while locked, it will prevent messages from passing through. Each semaphore must have an unique name, and instances of sadam.mutex with the same name will access the same semaphore. Each mutex has two modes, they can be either locker or releaser instances to the same semaphore. A locker object will test for each incoming message whether the semaphore is locked and if not, it will lock the semaphore and pass the message to the appropriate outlet. Releaser objects will release the semaphore each time a message arrives to their inlet.
from the library :
The sadam Library
Format : External
Environment : max / Max Runtime / msp
Max 5.x / 6.x


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