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Convert paths of one pathtype and/or pathstyle to another

conformpath can be used to convert paths between the old colon style format and the new slash style--these are the "pathstyles". It can also be used to conform paths to either absolute, relative, boot volume relative, or Cycling 74 folder relative--these are the "pathtypes". The "max" style will use whatever style the currently running version of Max uses to pass paths between objects. The "native" style will use whatever format is used by the currently running operating system to specify paths. There is only an explicit "native_win" pathstyle since the native Macintosh pathstyle is the same as the "colon" path style. Note that when working with native paths, only absolute paths will be valid for the operating system. The default pathstyle is "max", and the default pathtype is "ignore".
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Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.x


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