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Display an image file in a box

fpic is a user interface object which reads in an image file and displays the picture in a box. It behaves identically to pictures pasted into a patcher window with the Paste Picture command, but avoids the hassles of saving pictures into patcher files. To read in a new picture, you can either use the read or readany messages (shown below) or select the image file from the object's inspector (Get Info... in the Object menu). The object's box will not be resized after the file is read in, because some image files may have ridiculously sized boxes. By default the picture is always drawn at 100%. The name of the last image file read in and the current box size are saved in the patcher file, so the picture should read in automatically if the file is located in the same folder as the patcher or elsewhere in the search path.
from the library :
Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.x


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