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Store and retrieve variables specific to a patcher

pv is similar to the value object, which allows a number, symbol or list to be shared among several objects. However, pv is local to a patcher and its subpatchers. In this example, there are two subpatchers in this help file, each with its own copy of "pv private". Changes to "pv private" objects in one subpatcher do not affect those in the other. However, there is a "pv public" object in this patcher which is accessible to both subpatchers. You can use pv when you need to share a value within a patcher or subpatchers, but there may be multiple copies of the patcher around. Thus, pv is most useful for patchers you will make into files and reuse repeatedly.Also double-click on the patcher "more" for more information about pv features.
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Format : External
Environment : max
Max 4.x


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