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drag and dropPatch example using LCD
drawbarPatch a "multipictslider" of sorts. lcd-based bank of graphic sliders.
folderiterExternal iterative file searching
hdspExternal Control RME HDSP sound card
lcdbrowsePatch lcd-based static menu pane. optional auto-size, scrolling, colors, etc.
lcdscrollPatch included in lcdbrowse. vertical and horizontal scrollbar widgets.
lcdtermPatch a textedit-like ui patch for entering and displaying text, with the advantage of complete tweakability.
lcdtogglePatch a maximally simple example of using lcd to make a ui control - using quickdraw instead of picts.
limi~External lookahead limiter
marqueePatch simple lcd/scripting toy
matryxExternal message router like matrix~ (scripting)
mslcdPatch re-creates the basic functionality of multislider using lcd. interpolating version included...
op.xrouteExternal UB port for xroute (can be removed when an "official" xroute will come out)
polylineAbstraction non-audio use of poly~
ryePatch pluggo source code (tapout~ granular synthesis)
screenshot generatorPatch used for "please debug" (scripting)
searchExternal file searcher (an example of recursive scripting. \'folderiter\' above is better at file searching.)
sprongggExternal pop-up menu (via scripting)
xrouteExternal route object with inlets to specify
value and list position to check.
yalfoAbstraction yet another LFO

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