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AiffPlayerExternal play AIFF digital audio files using the Mac Sound Manager
boidsExternal bird flight and animal flock simulator
CDClipperPatch CDClipper is a compact disc controller for MAX
CyclopsExternal Analyzing and tracking live video
DblBangPatch Detects single or double bang
DeflutterPatch Smooth out a fluttering input, such as a foot pedal
EnvGenExternal self-clocking envelope generator with arbitrary number of segments
ExpCurvePatch Converts linear input to exponential curve
ForLoopExternal ForLoop outputs a series of integers from a starting to an ending value, stepping by the specified step.
FrontPanelPatch A configurable control panel for organizing presets or parameters in a patch
GlitchFilterPatch Filters out monophonic notes shorter than a threshold time
Glove Arpeggiator DemoPatch generate arpeggios with Mattel Power GloveŠ
Glove Basics DemoPatch basic objects for use with Mattel Power GloveŠ
Glove Lissajous DemoPatch generate Lissajous patterns with Mattel Power GloveŠ
Glove Random DemoPatch generate random notes with Mattel Power GloveŠ
HysteresisPatch Outputs 1 when increasing input reaches upper threshold, 0 when decreasing input reaches lower threshold
jit.cyclopsExternal Analyzing and tracking live video.
LissaPatch A Lissajous Figure Generator
LogCurvePatch Converts linear input to logarithmic curve
MetroQPatch Queues items and outputs them at a fixed rate
PlotterPatch Plotter turns the LCD object into a scalable graph
RangerPatch Scaler. Converts input range into output range
RelSliderPatch Tracks an input and outputs relative movement
SeqPlayerExternal MIDI file playing object

boids Based on Simon Fraser's implementation of Craig Reynolds' Boids algorithm.
Boids is free for non-commercial use.

Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is based on the same algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs.
Boids takes an integer argument which is the number of boids. Each time Boids receives a bang, it calculates and outputs the new positions of the boids. The output consists of thew coordiantes for each boid, the number and type depending on the mode.

The flight parameters can be changed with messages. Use the 'dump' message to output a list of the current parameter settings.

For more information about the Boids algorithm, see Craig Reynolds' Web site at "http://reality.sgi.com/employees/craig/boids.html".
Singer Library 1 a collection of examples and utility patches

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