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createfolderExternal create a folder in the file hierarchy
d2rExternal convert degree to radians / offset
db*~External multply signal by dB values with slide interpolation
db2a~External decibel to linear amplitude conversion
dcblocker~External remove DC offset from a signal
deltalistExternal subtract one list from another
detoxExternal extract value and content from tags
dist~External distance gain logarithmic
duplistExternal remove duplicates from a list
euler_constantExternal the euler constant and it's reciprocal
expExternal e^n : euler constant raised to nth power
exp2External 2^n : 2 raised to nth power
ff_netwerkPatch peer-to-peer performance interaction network
floorExternal next lower integer fron float
fromasciiExternal ascii code to atom conversion
fscopyExternal file system copy and delete commands
gazeExternal 3D to 2D perspective projection for points in 3D
getenvExternal get environment variables (on mac: abstraction using shell)
getpathsExternal get various paths from the operating system
goldensectionExternal the golden section and it's reciprocal
groupidExternal generates group id numbers for instance managment
headingExternal heading and inclination angles from joystick
hexlistExternal 8bit ascii to hex list
hsv2rgbExternal color space conversion (circular swatch)
hypotExternal hypotenuse from two sides

boids Based on Simon Fraser's implementation of Craig Reynolds' Boids algorithm.
Boids is free for non-commercial use.

Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is based on the same algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs.
Boids takes an integer argument which is the number of boids. Each time Boids receives a bang, it calculates and outputs the new positions of the boids. The output consists of thew coordiantes for each boid, the number and type depending on the mode.

The flight parameters can be changed with messages. Use the 'dump' message to output a list of the current parameter settings.

For more information about the Boids algorithm, see Craig Reynolds' Web site at "http://reality.sgi.com/employees/craig/boids.html".
ICST Ambisonics Externals for Ambisonics surround sound processing.
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