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autocountExternal Similar to counter object but with internal metro.
fluctuateExternal A variation of the random object.
matrixExternal data flow re-router
MultiCtrlExternal Allows several user interface controllers to be used simultaneously in such a way that any can be used and others are updated.
multijoinExternal Joins messages, ints, floats, lists, and symbols into a list.
notegenExternal Variation on makenote.
paccumExternal variation on incdec
permsExternal permutation generator
RCerExternal Smoothes continuous data.
rerouteExternal Integer re-router: Reroutes 8 integer streams to any of up to 32 outlets.
setsExternal subset generator

Panaiotis Objects The Mac version is UB.

These Max objects have been enhanced since the documentation to the left was written. Help files for the objects provide information on enhancements.

The matrix object has been substantially upgraded. It now combines features of unpack, spray, funnel, append, and prepend into one object. This makes a great object to place between controllers and jit objects because it acts like a multi-prepend. There are new configuration commands and enhancements to the old: even, odd, mod,and range, among others). Most commands can be applied to inlets of outlets. There is also a mute function that adds another layer of control. Matrixctrl support has been enhanced. See the help file for full details and examples.

Most other objects now fully support floats. RCer and autocount will count in float values, not just integers.

Notegen16 is a 16 channel version of its predecessor: notegen. It is more generalized and much more efficient.

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